How it Works


This is training you won’t get from any one else. I come in with very few commands,and usually don’t worry about obedeince. Obedeience training will never solve behavioral issues, however, if I feel any obedience measures need to be put in place I will give them to you. My obedience commands for come, stay and stop are by my own unique design. Dogs stay much longer and much more comfortably with my technique over all others. My come command is the only one you’ll get where your dog will come running with vigor on the first comand. I digress.

There are only a handful of trainers in the country that combine extensive knowledge of the Wolf social structure with animal behavior education. I am an expert at wolf behavior and communication and as all domestic dogs have 99.8% wolf DNA, this is the “secret”. Domestic dogs see the world through the eyes of a wolf, and communicate with each other in the same language. I us no harsh or inhumane techniques. Your dog will not have to learn what I teach him, as I go directly at his instincts, his Wolf DNA, he will know it immediately. To put it simply , in our session I will demonstrate body language which on many common behaviors you will see immediate results. Your dog will walk perfectly on a leash in a half hour or less, demonstration. I can teach him not to jump on people in two minutes. If you have a dog that barks and charges the door when the doorbell rings, I will show you on my first try, without saying a word or touching the dog physically in any way , that I can have him backed up 6 ft. from the door, with no barking. How? Just like all my other techniques in their language, I do just what another dog would do to claim that space, and it’s simple.

To put it briefly , I must come to your house for this to be effective, your dog will only show ‘who he is” on his own turf. By my meeting him like a dog(which he has never seen before by another human) I will be able to show him by body language alone that I have “Alpha” status, and I will evaluate his body language and determine quickly why he has the issues he does. Hence,why I am called “The Dogs Listener”. I will be able to tell if he is fearful, dominant, fearful – dominant, fearful – aggressive, dominant – aggressive, tense, unsure, (there is a myriad of personalities I uncover) therefore I will gain his trust and respect and he will focus and follow and do exactly what I want him to do. I am there to give you insight as to how every dog sees the world, and then teach you that magical ability to train in dog language, and become the “Alpha” of the pack. All any dog wants is for his owner(s) to be the Alpha, this takes all the stress, responsibilities, out of his life, and makes him the happiest most obedient dog possible. Don’t take this wrong, it has nothing to do with dominance by force or harmful physical touch. Your dog will always try and please you because he wants to, not because he has to. Again all any dog wants is a strong Alpha(s) in his pack, giving him a sure sense of where he belongs in the pack a “Beta”, this is the best place in the pack, no responsibilities (like barking or being aggressive to objects, people, or things) this is the job of the Alpha to be the first line of defense for the pack and dole out all the rules which a dog feels it needs to belong to a cohesive, well-bonded, safe pack.

The wolf was the most successful predator to ever rome the earth. They covered more parts of the globe in greater numbers than any species to ever inhabit the earth. They did this through their superior loyalty and cooperative skills. In fact,today the parenting skills of wolves are highly respected by zoologists and animal behaviorists who consider that within the entire animal kindom, only humans and a few primates can equal the care and education they offer to thier young. Just like mother dog, I will also use these skillls to educate and help you with your best friends issues.Yes the wolf was superior and played an essential part to maintain a balanced environment. Deer kill trees by stripping them of bark,and so by controlling Deer numbers wolves help to conserve trees which are an essential habitat for birds and many other wildlife (and use by man), essential to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Now there are more human fatalities by Deer (mostly car accidents) than all other animals combined. Then Man stepped in and all but erradicated the Wolf. Myths and fables gave birth to the belief that the wolf was an evil monster to be feared and killed. Interestingly enough there are but a few documented cases, if any, that prove a human fatality by a healthy wolf. Only those sickened, starving, or brought up in captivty using the wrong methods have killed. Wolves are scared to death of humans. The point , I use this pack mentality to my advantage to resolve any behavior issue you throw at me. This and my 28 years of working with problem dogs, (I must give credit to all the dogs I have worked with, they have taught me so much), makes me one of the top behaviorists in the country.