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Behavior Modification

It's possible to resolve any and all behavioral issues no matter how severe. Click on "How It Works" to find out how. Our professionals will analyze the results to pinpoint behavioral issues and contact you to discuss an action plan to resolve these issues

Puppy Training Classes

This a one-time one-on-one session with your dog. He will get so much more out of this class than 10 trips to a traditional obedience class, i.e. “Pet Smart’, “mini-critters”. My Obedience part of the session is so advanced, fun, and logical it only takes a half hour and is far more effective than any obedience class and far more advanced than any other methods professional trainers use. The rest of the session is geared toward behavioral issues, also highly advanced and specialized. This a unique style of training that has put me “on the map”. Many of the local veterinarians have heard of my successes and my clients are so well pleased and amazed, they spread the word to their family members and friends. I put all the training in the dog’s language so there is nothing they have to learn, they know it instinctively. I am a wolf communication and behavior expert. Out of 50 identified wolf communications only three of them are verbal. It is the same for the domestic dog. I do not use a lot of commands and they understand everything so much easier this way. It is all very instinctual for the dog. I show them just like a mother or other dog would. This is why I have one of the highest success rates in the country. This type of training is “preventative medicine”, so your dog will never develop behavioral issues as it grows. They will never jump on people, never bark, pull on the leash, etc., – anything!