Sue & Willie Weston
It is truly amazing to see both my Westies running down the stairs beside me! Weston has become so much more confident about everything since he mastered the stairs. He even sits at the top of the staircase waiting for an invitation to “go downstairs”. Thank you so much, John, for your insight and for the training that helped Weston learn to do this. I know that it was a small problem compared to some of the things that others have to deal with but it was very important to me that Weston be able to master the stairs. We are still practicing daily but I think he’s got it down!

Stacey Bachman
John, Just a quick email to let you know that since you worked with Chili, Tony and I last Saturday, things are going well. Walks with her have been a breeze. All thre dogs are staying out of the room where I get their food ready.
I will let you know how things are progressing with the dog aggression tendencies. We have not had any major upsets yet.

Becky Naber
You were just here 2 days ago and we already see things working. Great to have advise from you.

Taylor & Jackie
Hi dog listener! This is Jackie(bulldog) just wanting to update you on how we are all doing. I know that it as only been a week since you guys were here but we are all doing awesome! The day after you left on Sunday I saw someone walking by the the fence and I started to run and bark at them and Taylor opened the door and before she could come get me I came running to her to the door! I think she was a little surprised!

Nancy Thacker
We are doing great! Thanks for your help John!

Charlie is really doing well. The main thing I wanted was for him to not bark in the car and that is going very well. He still barks for about a minute, then he is fine. Much better that the 2 hour barking trip to the lake each weekend! Thank you so much for all your tips and we will continue to stick with them.

David S.
If I would’ve had to wait one more week I would have lost what is now a dear friend. I now get the respect and love I always knew was in this dog.It was so simple and really logical. I know you were stumped for a bit, but was amazing to watch your instincts kick in.Man, you got the gift for this. I know you already have plenty but if you ever need a reference you can count on schroeder and I. Many thanks!

Sue, Willy and Weston
Hi John! Thank you so much for the training that you gave Weston last Thursday. By Monday he was already going down the stairs without a leash. He does still get treats for doing this and is learning a verbal cue to go downstairs with me. It is as if he never had any difficulty with this at all. He is also a lot more confident when he is downstairs. All in all, I would say that this is another success story! I will post in your guestbook when I have a chance. We all enjoyed meeting you and Jet and appreciated all the lessons and information you gave us! Sue, Willie and Weston

Mary and Sarah
John, I surely thought that jamie had no hope of ever getting along with our other two dogs just had no hope, Even after you tried to assure me that this is something you’ve dealt with many times, I was sure that this was just one of those matches that wasn’t meant to be. Boy was I wrong. It just took “Us” to do the changing. Once we stared talking “dog” things quickly fell into place. I didn’t want to break my commitment to Jamie and thank God I found you. Not totally there yet but am sure now if we keep up the work, Jamies going to fit just fine. Thanks John ! I will be talking to you if I we need more help are not.

Sunny & Hipster
Thanks ever so much John. Sunny and Hipster are now best of friends,, but better yet so well behaved. When the door bell rings they sit and take their place 10 feet from the door. No more barking, or running to the door. Dog aggression has completely disappeared. They are happy, good dogs thanks to you. We have told everybody about you. Your methods are so unique, yet so powerful.

Devin Sarin
Dog listener/people whisperer-man of few words with the dog but of many spiritual words with people. Took one week to “fix” our once monstrous dog-no amount of gratitude for that but it saved our family. Sure the dog was vocal point of family stress but once we learned to speak “dog” we were able to take that and communicate with ourselves. Our community is so lucky to have you. I’m sure you could be rich and famous somewhere else. I must email you and talk further.anybody out there “listening”, HIRE this beautiful man. endless gratitude to you John.

Marvin Edwards
Only 2 weeks in but already 75% done John, you said 2 or 3 months. All my friends in total shock, but I tell them hey this stuff makes perfect sence when you think about it. Anyway thanks a lot my friend you definitely know what your talkin about. Gota admit I was a little skeptical at first. Hey! Thanks a lot.

Andrew DeMore
John, I want to thank you again for spending a few hours with our family. Alex, our four month old Teddy Bear has become so much more enjoyable and fun to play with. We couldn't believe that in the first five minutes of you walking in the door how Alex started to change his behaviors. Your techniques are so easy to use and make so much sense after you explain them. Just today our five year old little girl was confronted by two neighborhood dogs and she had no fear and told her mom "I just did what the Dog Listener told me to do". We couldn't have been more proud. I would recommend you to anyone, any dog, at any age. Alex was not a problem dog, we just needed some good techniques to learn to talk to him in his language and you did that for us. We're all very excited to continue to train Alex, and ourselves. Particularly our five year old. She's so excited to keep working with Alex. Thanks again for your advice.

David O'Dell
In 1 3hr session you have turned my dogy terror into a perfect gentlemen. John your Absolutely amazing! Little "Bones" Thank you as well!

Jennifer Hammond
John trained me and my female puggle, Bedellia over 5-6 years ago. She was a crazy terror! Jumping up and biting my daughter, biting me too so hard to draw blood, tearing around the house in a running sprint over couches and under tables, escaping out the front door, running away and not being able to catch her, going potty in the house! She obviously didn't understand my yelling and frustration, haha. John taught me how to handle her energy and she understood him, thank goodness! He taught me how to communicate the same way he does and our lives have never been the same since! I have no regrets in calling John all that time ago - it was WORTH it!! Thank you Mr. Tipton!!